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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved son, John Coggins, III who was born in Atlanta, Georgia on March 08, 1988 and passed away on October 24, 2005 at the age of 17...WE will remember him forever+ with your help.. PLEASE light a candle on this website...Please share your stories and memories of John on this memorial web page.....You can also add videos, pictures or audio recordings of John to this website.. We have established the John Coggins III Foundation a 501c3 non-profit organization... JKC3 ... in an effort to turn the tragic loss of John's life into hope for other teenagers and young adults. With a special interest in drug, alcohol and family issues, the Foundation supports programs which focus on both mentally and physically preparing youth for a healthy adulthood. We want all to know that it may be just one pill that can kill you and affect 100's or 1000's of others lives.. The foundation would like to help others, we feel, would benefit from John's life experiences. It is our life's purpose to work with teenagers and young adults that have the willingness to be open and honest enough to work on themselves as much as John did.. We traveled a hard path w/ John, we never gave up. John knew more about himself than others twice his age.. He had it figured out, finally. With God's blessing, perhaps John's passing will save others. Thank you again for being here and reading this message.. We welcome feedback and would appreciate you lighting a Candle. We are extremely committed to John's Foundation.. There is lot of fun to find on this site.. Take your time and scroll thru the various links etc.. add some pictures and videos or comments  if you like.. We would like for John's memory and personality to NOT FADE AWAY. He helped others with his openess and kindness.." IF I KNEW THE WAY I WOULD TAKE YOU HOME "    God Bless you all. Remember !! Always...
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He lived laughing and without regret.   / Kerri Johnson
John's life is an excellent example of someone who learned young to squeeze the fun out of every single minute of each day. He lived laughing and without regret. He met everyone with an open spirit and left them better than he found them. John se...  Continue >>
Time marches on   / Terri Anderson (Work with your Dad...knew you growing up )
It is so hard to believe it is 10 years since John has been gone....time marches on no matter what. I've thought about John, and you Kim, and Vicki too, a lot over the years since 2005..... It is said that time heals all wounds, but I'm becoming more...  Continue >>
Facebook stories to make you smile !!!   / Kim Coggins (Dad)
on Facebook    In Loving Memory of JKCIII   ... i believe you can find it under groups.... again thank you Betsy again for putting it up the facebook site
Related a meaningful event on your Facebook page   / Dad (Dad)
In loving memory of jkcIII involved the grand canyon a butterfly a hummingbird a guitar and flute all at bottom of grand canyon. Really moved me and gave me some peace
For John (written on Mother's Day, 2007)   / Mom (Mom)
He lived his life moving to music of his own making, His an unfinished symphony, the notes of his 17 years etched in my heart, a place where I return again and again and again to hear his sweet refrain. He lived life laughing and dared to dream ...  Continue >>
The New Year 2013  / Mom (Mom)    Read >>
4 years without him  / Mom (mother)    Read >>
he is reaching out  / Parent (parent)    Read >>
john had the stuff to help people  / Dad (dad)    Read >>
life has become a series of moments  / Dad (dad)    Read >>
i can soo hear this in my mind !!  / Kim (father)    Read >>
A Year Without My Precious John  / Vicki Coggins (mother)    Read >>
Wow !! Thank you all for remembering John..  / Kim And Vicki (parents)    Read >>
yes more website links w/ movie  / Dad Yet Again     Read >>
Facebook stories  / Kim Coggins (Father)    Read >>
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His legacy
John's legacy..  

We believe John would like to say he had a unique ability to bring people together. He had many friends from many areas.. He was a kind, loving and accepting person. He showed others how to Live Life every day;  He loved the moment..  He cherished his friendships.  He made others laugh.. He was willing to openingly offer his life experiences to others . He truely believed one should DANCE LIKE THERE IS NOBODY WATCHING... ... Be oneself without fear of judgement ..  through John's hard work he had learned to share ones strengths and weaknesses openly and honestly so that others felt at ease around him..  Showing that you  can be  be your real self.   We created the JKC III Foundation, to serve teenagers.. We plan on it to be a lasting  memorial to our child.. He had worked very hard, he had life mostly figured out.  John should be here today..  and IS in many ways..  His accomplishments and hard work will be a guiding light in the years to come for many teenagers wiling to address their weaknesses and learn to turn them into strengths..
for additional information on tax deductible gifts or gifts in-kind   please contact the trustee:       JKC III Foundation     tax id# 41-2189404

Mr. Richard Griffin , CPA
Griffin & Associates PC
6165 Crooked Creek Rd.  Suite B
Norcross, Ga  30092

phone 404-388-5660

Peace, God Bless  All 

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John, obviously cooking and cleaning up. Don't know if you have this picture.
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